Hello world!

Once upon a time there was a fun mama who sometimes thought the day to day parts of motherhood were a wee bit boring. Park? Blah. Dora? Blah. Arts and crafts? Dear God no! Cupcakes? YUM. Writing? Ding, ding, ding!!! So, to make her life (and by extension her children’s lives) a little more interesting she decided to start a blog about having fun, how she does it and how you can to — one day at a time.

Today’s topic? Blogging obviously.

Here’s something you should know about me. I love to write. As a highschool student I always knew I was a better writer than my friends — not in a snotty way, just in a “of course I’ll edit your essay” kind of way. So as the slaved away in chemistry and math class, I rocked writer’s craft. I loved getting creative and vomiting my feelings on to some fresh white paper, preferably the kind with blue lines and pink margins. Then I went to journalism school and decided I’d never write again (no feeling in that kind of writing). Slowly and painfully I entered the workforce and evolved into a grudging writer. It wasn’t until I started writing about my life and things I cared about that I started writing for fun again.

I’ve blogged before and I think it’s a great way to decompress. Check out my pregnancy blog and shopping blog on Today’s Parent.

Now, many years (who’s counting?) after graduating and working at a few mags including Today’s Parent, I have three little kids and a life that sometimes requires an injection of fun to make me appreciate it. It seems that anything extraordinary can make me look at my kids and think, “damn, I love them!” Who’s kidding who? Three kids are a ton of work. They don’t pick up their stuff, they whine, they fight — but  they also snuggle and kiss and make me laugh. So, I’ve decided that once a day, I’m going to do something fun for me. It might include them, it might not. I think it’ll make me happier and by extension, them too.

Check in tomorrow to see how I’m doing in my quest for fun.