Dancing in the streets

I like to say I am a runner but it’s not true. In fact, I am a street dancer. Street dancing is WAY more fun than going for a run. When it’s just me and the road I can rock out and pretend I’m 21 again and back at the Moonroom in Oshawa — dancing the night away and guzzling Singapore Slings. As I pant, I sing badly and boogey (discretely) with my bad self. If I see someone, I try to stop but one time I didn’t stop in time and the man running by me smirked. *BLUSH*

I’m sure I’m not the only person who treats running as an opportunity to relive their club years. I mean if you ever went to the Moon Room on a Friday or Saturday night, you’d know — it was that awesome.

My first foray into running was through the Oakville Running Room and it was such a great experience; I feel like all the people who think they can’t run should try the For Women Only clinic before they make up their minds. The instructors break down running a 5 km race into a totally managable task; before I did it, I never would have believed I could. The best part about doing it in Oakville is running downtown with all the gorgeous homes and shops. I can windowshop and even check out people’s decor at night — I just tell myself I’m doing it really, really quickly!

Today’s fun was my street dance with my dog, Bruno (aka the wondermutt). Bruno doesn’t seem to mind if I “Bleed it Out” alongside him, he’s just thrilled to be outside, running. It’s a sizzling spring day here in suburbia and I throughly enjoyed the weather and my awesome workout mix — Adele, the Black Keys, and my new fave Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros. If this doesn’t make you want to run, run as fast as you can, I don’t know what will!

Another fun part of today’s run were the lilacs. It’s so much more fun to run when you’re snorting lilacs than it is on say, garbage day in late August. Bruno and I had to stop a few times to snort them and take this picture. I like to imagine it all looked terribly romantic, like some romantic painting but I think the sweat might taint that delusion!