Talk about fun. Have you been to Stylesense lately? I went to the Oakville Place location with my mother-in-law the other day and I swaear I had a shoe-gasam right there in front of her. (It’s OK, Dallas is cool. She had one too.) Wedges, espadrilles and gladiators — oh my. Shoes for every occasion, in every colour and medium you can imagine. Say for example, you find a pair of awesome hot pink peep-toe flats that don’t go with anything you own; don’t fret — there’s an aqua pair that will match your favourite crops just  a few rows down.

Whoever invented Stylesense must have been a woman. Imagine row after row of designer bags, shoes and sunglasses at bargain basement prices and all in a pretty setting. There’s no stench of cheap rubber a la Payless, no bad lighting a la Zellers, just thousands of shoes sorted by style and beautiful bags sorted by colour. There are even special locked cabinets where the Prada and Gucci bags live, but I don’t go there much. Oh, It makes me swoon just writing about it. No man could have come up with such a girly concept, they’re not worthy.

On days when I have a few minutes to myself, my destination of choice is often Stylesense. This is not a kid place, this is not a place where you pay the bills or meet a deadline. This, this my friends is heaven in a mall. I walked out of there on Tuesday with five fabulous new pairs of shoes, one for each member of my family. The best part? I didn’t have to pay — they were a useful and thoughtful gift from my very generous MIL. She says it’s her way of making up for the time when she didn’t have daughters-in-law to shop with (three sons, not a shopper amongst them, poor lady — but yay me!) The piece de resistance? Mine. This season’s essential black espadrilles. Gorgeous, versatile and quite comfortable. Thanks Dallas!