It’s Coffee Friday!

When I moved to this neighborhood two years ago, a friend of a friend had a little tea party for me and Charlotte, so she could meet all her new kindergarten friends. So, sweet, thoughtful and totally unexpected — that’s how I met a very special group of women, known round these parts as the coffee moms. Every Friday morning this diverse group of ladies gets together over pots and pots of coffee and tables full of treats to laugh, chat and support each other. I’ve never before felt so instantly welcome and so content as I have since working my schedule around the sacred morning tradition that is Coffee Friday.

We have among us entrepreneurs, caregivers, journalists, teachers, architects, reiki master and bellydancers. Friends are friends, regardless of what you do, where you’ve been or where you’re going — education, ethnicity and income have no bearing here. We are happy and strong together; personally, I am more so because of them. We meet in each other’s kitchens, our laughter ringing throughout the house as we hash out the details of the week. We talk (all at once) about our marriages, our children and ourselves, no detail is too salacious or too mundane.

Friday, every Friday from September to June, is fun for me because it’s Coffee Friday and because I get to hang out with my friends. Thanks ladies!