Fun with one

One of the best/worst things about having a brood of children is that one on one time together becomes so precious. This weekend my husband took Carson and Charlotte fishing, leaving Peyton and me on our own; just two cute chics living the highlife in the suburbs.

On Friday we did what any bored suburban girls would do — we went to the city for a sleepover with my big sister, Kilby.  We went for dinner, we swam and played in the park at her fabulous condo and we went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the MoMa exhibit. The exhibit itself was beautiful, intense and much smarter than me. When reading the descriptions I’d always be like “Yeah, of course, I knew that.” — But I totally didn’t!

Three-and-a-half-year-old Peyton didn’t much care for the AGO but spending one-on-one time with me and her favourite aunt may have made her year. Peytie spend a lot of time being left out of things, not because we don’t want to take her but she really doesn’t seem to like outings the way my other two do. For the most part she’s happier to watch Dora than she is to go to the beach — if we do take her she tends to whine about how she wants to go home. But perhaps she’d have more fun if she didn’t have to share the limelight.

Kerry, Charlotte and Carson came home with fistfuls of speckled trout and more bugbites than I’ve ever seen. I came home with a much better understanding of my little squirt and an experience I don’t think she’ll forget any time soon.