Pregnant? No, but thanks for asking!

Pregnant? No, but thanks for asking!

Ranting is fun. And so, I rant on my blog — but only once a month.

When I was dropping my daughter off at preschool this morning I saw my friend, looking fresh and gorgeous in a lovely blue summer dress — light cotton, halter neck with a high-ish waist and a full swingy skirt that fell just below the knee.

The shade of blue made her eyes pop and she completed the ensemble with some kick-ass high-heeled sandals. I complimented her when I came in because it’s a nice thing to do, it makes people feel good about themselves. Do you know what DOESN’T make them feel good? If you ask whether or not they’re pregnant!

That’s right, just as she was smiling and feeling really good, some old biddy says, “Is this just a pretty dress or are you trying to tell me something?”

Oh no she didn’t!

But yes, indeed she did. I almost slapped that beeyotch!

My friend’s face fell and I knew her self-esteem had just taken a beating. She didn’t look pregnant, not at all — but it was a high waist which, I’ve learned the hard way, can occasionally go awry. Pretty one minute, pregnant the next. So as of today, I am banning all empire waists and high waists from my wardrobe. Because it happened to me once too — and since I wasn’t pregnant, I cried. Not in front the old coot, but later in the car when I couldn’t get her thoughtless remark out of my head. The above picture is of me in the offending dress. I still really like it but I don’t wear it so much!

Right here, right now — can we all just agree NEVER to imply that someone’s preggers — even if it looks like they swallowed a basketball and are clearly about to deliver the bun in their oven within the next 48 hours. Just keep it in your head! Maybe it’s the empire waist. Thanks for letting me rant. Ranting is fun and therefore ok for me to blog about, but I promise to limit my rants to once a month!

Has this ever happened to you? Or, have you ever put your foot in your mouth?