Friday night fun


Left to right: Lisa, Jen, moi, Molly

I’ve known my friend Molly for almost (gulp) 20 years and she is the bomb. Smart, gorgeous, funny and the most naturally talented cook I’ve ever met. She made butter tarts in university that still make my knees weak just thinking about them. When I am with her, I have fun.

Part of it is because she knows me so well. She knew me before I met my husband, before I became Dana Reinke and WAY before I became Mommy. But equally, it’s because when I visit her I am almost always taking a little mom-cation. I usually go for an overnight visit to her pretty little condo. We drink, we go out on the town and inevitably I remember who I am.

When I’m caught up in the fun, but occasionally soul-sucking, world of diaper changes and lacrosse games, I sometimes loose track of what I like to eat and what I want to do. Grilled cheese sandwiches, not actually my favourite food — although I do eat them 30 times a week. And hey, did you know that I don’t really enjoy watching football? Surprise! I’d rather go to Luminato!

So this weekend I got all dolled up for the National Magazine Awards and I promptly ditched them because I wasn’t sitting with anyone I knew and couldn’t bear the idea of making three hours of small talk. My Molly rescued me and took me to an outdoor concert with a couple of her friends. We stood in the front row of the Joel Plaskett concert. I’d never heard of him but that didn’t matter, I quickly grew to love him. I was so sure he’d fall for me — I looked pretty hot with my little blue dress and false eyelashes — but apparently he couldn’t see me from the stage. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Then we went out for dinner — at like, 11 p.m. and I didn’t get home until after midnight. I didn’t even turn into a pumpkin!

What a blast. Turns out this Dana chick I rediscovered is almost as much fun as my Molly. Do you ever take a mom-cation? Or if you don’t have kids, do you have any friends who remind you to be yourself, and what that means? How do you de-stress?