Splish splash

Charlotte hanging out in the pool

It’s official! Forty six days after we opened our pool, it’s actually working! Yah-freakin-hoo!!! (This occasion calls for extra exclamation points!) After a long and drawn out repair, tonight we will have the ceremonial first swim of the season, in a pool as warm as a soup. I will float on my back and enjoy the crazy screeches of my crazy kids.

Having a pool is so much fun, but it’s no picnic. I wanted a pool before we moved to this house but I had no idea how much work was involved. The hubs is constantly vacuuming, testing the water or “just going out to the pool store”. And, every year something that costs $1200 needs to be fixed. I’ve learned over the past 3 summers that everything costs at least $1200.

Who cares I say? We have paradise in our back yard! Fenced off and strictly off limits to the under 30 set without a mommy or daddy, but paradise nonetheless. My in-laws have a cottage but it’s pretty far away, so we invested in a cottage in the city. This way we can have fun every day. As soon as my husband gets home from work, they’re in the pool with him, playing, splashing and loving every minute of it.

Charlotte and Carson, fishing with Grandpa at the cottage

My hope is that my home will become the fun house to my kids and their friends. As they get older, I want to be where they are, and if that means putting up with the maintenace of a pool, so be it. I think having a pool will give me an advantage in terms of getting to know their friends, which ones to like, which ones to discourage, etc.

It’s also a great draw over the summer months for my own friends. There’s a pool party at my house just about every weekend, and I love that! Hey, what are you doing on Saturday? Want to come over for a swim in soup?

Carson takes a dip