Party Animal

I love to throw parties. In my home, somewhere else, I’m not fussy! As long as there are invitations, colour schemes and cake, I’m all over it like a bad rash. This week I’m hosting two parties, my sister’s 40th birthday and a jewellery party tomorrow night. It’s a lot of work but when I see the decor come together I’m in my happy place.

It’s a bit of an obsession really, when I know I have a party coming up I am focused, like a star athlete, on the event! I eat, sleep and dream decor ideas. Nothing and no one can come between me and my vision. Not even my cranky pants husband who doesn’t think the furniture needs to be moved, or that we needn’t scrub everything before the guests arrive. OF course we do, doesn’t he know anything!?!

I’ve been having rocking birthday parties since I was little. My birthday is Halloween and as far as I’m concerned cake and candy combine to make awesome. Since then, I’ve felt that there’s nothing better than getting friends together to have fun. Especially now that I can afford to buy drinks for everyone.

Happy birthday Kilby, thanks for giving me an excuse to throw a party!