Accessories — the new Tupperware

Birds of Paradise necklace from Stella and Dot

I hosted a jewellery party chez moi on Tuesday and had a great time. Have you heard of Stella and Dot? I hadn’t until a couple of months ago but now I’m obsessed. The basics of it are a lot like the good old tupperware party — girl hosts party, friends buy stuff, girl gets rewards. But frankly, I’ve never cared much about tupperware, so earning a bunch of free containers has never been that enticing. Free jewellery? That’s another subject entirely!

Once upon a time I shopped every day because I worked in a mall. I didn’t wear accessories then — my ears aren’t pierced and the nickel in a lot of cheapie jewellery makes my skin break out into itchy welts — so rather than wear one outfit 10 different ways, I just bought 10 different outfits. My superb shopping prowess combined with no children to feed and resulted in one hell of a wardrobe.

But times have changed. I rarely shop these days because I’d rather eat glass shards than go to the mall with my three little kids. Joe Fresh thrown into the grocery cart pretty much sums up my shopping prowess these days, so the one or two nice things I have in my wardrobe need to work a lot harder! The idea of changing my look with some smashing accessories is very appealing. Enter Stella and Dot and my lovely friend Julia who just started selling it.Nugget wrap bracelet, should I get gold or silver?Unlike other jewellery parties I’ve been to, this stuff is all versatile, super cool and reasonably priced. Most of the time I find it’s one or the other. Stella and Dot reminds me a lot of the accessories I see at Banana Republic and JCrew but I think this is better quality. It’s not solid gold or silver, but it is all dipped, which means no itchy welts for me, hooray.

Camilla ringI have some rewards to use up so I get to order some this morning. I’ve posted a few of my faves but I’m having a really tough time deciding. I feel like Cookie Monster. Want all. NOW. What would you pick if you were me?


Rio coin bracelet

Have been in party planning mode for the past two weeks, please forgive my sporadic postings. I’m finished now though, I can quit with the visions of pink and orange sugar plums dancing in my head and stop imagining ways to bring my theme colours into a rather beige room. (Obsessed much? Yes, very!)