Spa day


Monica and Marg getting their pedicures

Is there anything more blissful, more fabulous than a couple of hours at the spa? I can’t think of much, unless it’s spending those two hours with some good friends and a pastry tray! Guess what I did today?

My friends Monica and Marg (who is 8 months pregnant) joined me at Glowing Mom spa in Oakville for a little rest, relaxation and 3D imaging. The mani and pedi were wonderful; my toes are soft and a lovely shade of hot pink. But I have to say, the most amazing part was watching Margaret’s little bundle on screen. They have a state of the art 3D imaging machine that’s hooked up to a bigscreen TV.

Monica and I chilled out with our tea and pastry on a comfy leather couch and watched little baby Whealan do his/her thing. We had a blast analyzing the baby’s facial features and identifying similarities to Marg’s other kids — the nose like AJ, the the big toe like Marg. Truly it was amazing. If you’re expecting or you know someone who is, I highly recommend you go.

Sweet baby Whealan

Marg having her ultrasound


Rania and Monica Ooohing and Aahhing

I was so achy and cranky during my pregnancies, I wish Glowing Mom had been around then. I’m pretty sure my husband does too. The spa’s awesome because it has products and treatments specially designed for moms to be — but it doesn’t drop you like a hot potato they day you pop your bun out of the oven. A lot of these treatments would be awfully nice after baby comes too! I personally tried out the tripolar skin treatment today and it tightened my face a bit after only one treatment and it felt nice too. Thanks to Rania (PR chic extraordinaire) and to all the ladies at Glowing Mom for such a treat!

Me trying out the tripolar treatment