60 Ks in 30 days

Charlotte "The Rocket" Reinke

At the begining of June, I signed up for a Nike+ challenge with a bunch of friends and virtual friends. Our goal was to reach 60Km by June 30. Things aren’t looking good for me, unless I run 20KM between today and tomorrow!

I didn’t expect to love the challenge so much but there’s something about being accountable to someone, even if it’s someone you’ve never met and have only read their tweets now and then.

Through the miracle of modern technology, that I don’t pretend to understand, the NikeGPS Ap on my iPhone kept track of my runs, selected my playlist and at the end of each run sent my results to the Nike+ site so my fellow challengers could see my progress. The iPhone Ap is free but you can also buy a special chip for your shoe that will do the same thing.

That’s why I’ve decided to set up my own All in a Dana Challenge. Let’s get Fit — not fat — for summer! You, my faithful 2 readers and I, are going to walk or run 60 KM by the end of July. Are you in? Let me know and I’ll invite you to the challenge. The first one to reach 60 KM will get a prize (something awesome, I promise), plus my never-ending respect — because as I found out this June, 60 KM in a month is pretty far!

Let’s run bitches!

Run, run as fast as you can!