Road Tripping

Me shopping for school stuff in buffalo

There’s not much that I find more fun than a good old shopping road trip — sans kids and husbands of course. (Because when has shopping with them ever been fun?) Tomorrow morning, bright and early my bestie, Monica and I are heading to Buffalo, the next shopping frontier! We’re  going to do Target, The Military Outlets and the Walden Galleria. (Oh, and maybe Bed Bath and Beyond — but only if there’s time.) I plan on doing my part to support the American economy.

Why not the Canadian economy you ask? Well because even though our dollar is FINALLY better than thiers, things there are still so much cheaper! It’s so frustrating that JCrew finally came to Canada and there price inflated up to 50 percent for their online shoppers. I mean WTF? My sister-in-law from Florida was up last week and couldn’t believe she found lotion that she usually pays $2 for $12 here.

Here are a few things I buy across the border:

Books — although if you have an e-reader you can just order off Barnes and Noble and pay the cheaper american price all the time.

Orville Reddenbacher smartpop, kettlecorn flavour. You can’t get it here and it’s SO yummy.

Shoes — Nine West shoes at the Nine West store in Buffalo are a fraction of the price than the same shoes at my local mall. There’s also a striderite outlet that has good deals sometimes. I love it when you go in and they say “Everything in the story is 40% off the lowest price for the next 1/2 hour. BLISS!

Stuff from stores we don’t have — ooh Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft why don’t you love me?

Kids clothesGymboree and the Gap are often less expensive across the border and you don’t have to pay much on it when you’re coming back because we don’t pay GST on kids clothes.

Anything from Target. Because I love Target.

Here’s what I’m NOT going to buy:

Anything from JCrew! Because F U JCrew! I’m not linking to you! I don’t care how cute your accessories are or how preppy you can make my kids!

Do you ever cross-border shop? What do you buy in the US instead of Canada? Any hot tips for us?