5 reasons back-to-school makes me happy

My gorgeous friends: Maria, Rula and Anita

School’s in and I am happy! The kidlets are too — so excited to use their new backpacks, wear those awesome new shoes and see their friends. Nothing’s better than watching them watching them take those first steps toward independence that come with school but here are a few things that come pretty darn close:

1. Coffee You know I love my coffee moms. They’re such a rockin’ bunch of chiquitas, it’s hard not to! Here’s a picture of some of them yesterday looking gorgeous after the morning drop off. See how happy they all are? Notice how they’re glowing?

2. A new calender This year I am tying hard to be ultra organized. I’m hate forgetting playdate and crazy hair days but it happens. A lot! I filled in my new mom’s calender today. The promise of a new year is laying in front of me and it’s covered with task-oriented stickers — all this could be yours, by the way. Just go here.

3. Shopping Kids need stuff, it’s a fact of life. What’s the best part about stuff? Buying it! The fact that Charlotte needs three pairs of shoes for school (indoor dressy, indoor gym and outdoor) means I get to go shopping for three pairs of shoes. And we all know how I feel about shopping!

4. School supplies I know there are people who won’t understand this but my favourite thing in the world is new paper. My favourite is white lined paper that’s just lying there waiting for me to vomit my ideas all over it!

5. Work A few hours to myself means more time for me to get some work done. Summer’s fun but sometimes it’s tough to get anything done when three kids are banging on the office door shouting MOMMYYY! (I’m locked in there, not them!) I like work and I really like having time to do it!