The morning after

The grass is always greener in my city friend's yards.

I cheated. And today, the morning after, I have to pay the piper.

Last night was fabulous. It was Girls’ Night Out (GNO to those in the know) with a few of my media friends. The last time I hung with these super chiquitas I had a huge hang over and woke up in the horrors the next day. Did I really Kareoke until the small hours? Did I really drink that much? Did I really kick my leg up in the air as I sang “I will survive?” The answer to all of these questions is, Yes, yes I did. I am still not quite sure why!

I feel so lucky to know all these wonderful women. I know most of them from my time at Today’s Parent but I’ve met some of them since then. Every time I see them, I’m gobsmacked by their awesomeness. They’re each beautiful, successful and incredibly smart  — and for some reason, they all seem to like me. Life is good!

Our meeting place this time, a sweet little house in East York — that’s right. Toronto. The big leagues. This 905ers constant daydream.

I know, I know. I have three kids. I know my suburban house is massive, my yard is like a park and that for the same amount of money, I could live in a shack in Toronto. But I’d really like to live near my media frinds. And so I cheated!

Today, I woke up in a different kind of horrors. Not the kind caused by too much alcohol but the kind caused by too much exposure to urban coolness. That’s right. I cheated on my house. I went on MLS and looked at houses in East York. I gave in to my urban envy, as I’m apt to do every now and then…

I’ll get over it, later. I’ll drive down my tree-lined street, hang with my fun Oakville friends and park my car in my driveway that’s big enough for six cars. And then I’ll feel better. But for now, just for now, this cheatin’ suburban mama with urban envy, needs some chocolate.