Hoping for a blissful new year

Resolution #1 have fun with good friends

Hey peeps. It’s that time of the year again, holiday-mania at the in-laws, and I’m finally getting some much deserved solitude while the hubs toboggans with the kiddies. As I sit here fast awake (wish I could sleep but I can’t) I’m wondering if I should make some resolutions or if I should just read the trashy romance novel that’s sitting on the beside table. I think I’ll do something constructive instead, I’m going to enter a contest.

I have to say, I’m a bit of a contest junkie. I hate to gamble, I even have to scratch cards from my stocking just looking at me right now, but I do love  a good contest. This time I’m going for a trip to Blissdom 2012 in Nashville, courtesy of One2One Network. How cool would it be if I won that? I’d send you a post card… I swear.

If I go, I want to attend the Live Development session. I chose this session because since quitting my day job as a magazine editor, I’ve been floating through life and I need to get inspired about what to do next. These are the years that I’ve vowed to give to my kids, I want to give them a great foundation, I want to be there for them — so I’m freelancing to keep my skills up and volunteering so I can see grown ups every once in a while. But, in 19 months, Peytie Pie will be in school full time. I will be home all day, with no one to yell at me. No one to clean up after and no one to blame my lack of productivity on. What then?

I’ve been struggling to identify my path for a few months now. What do I want to do? Writing is painful sometimes, why do I keep on doing it? Maybe I should be  a gogo dancer, or a fireman, or anything else besides a writer. I hope the Life Development session will help me figure out the answers to these question because the thing is, I keep coming back to writing, just like Weight Watchers and for the same reason — it just works for me. Maybe this workshop will inspire me to get my career on track and figure out how to make me feel passionate about writing again. Because really, should I be comparing my art to a diet? Even though it is a kick ass diet, it’s still a diet.

Which reminds me — about those resolutions… Yeah, probably a diet is a good idea. But going to blissdom is a better one!