man flu

The only thing worse than a Man Cold is the Man Flu. I recently posted this nugget of wisdom as my facebook status and 17 friends liked it, 10 took the time to comment (almost all women, agreeing with it) Is this the defining characteristic of the men of our generation? They work hard and get sick hard?

Two years ago, when H1N1 hit Ontario hard, my little family lined up for flu shots at the Halton Regional Centre, along with the rest of Oakville. It was a pretty boring hour-long wait but when it was finally our turn, my kids screamed-bloody murder. Other kids around us had gone, whimpered and moved on — not mine. Mine loudly proclaimed that we were never coming to this building again because it was too OUCHY! They screamed, they yelled and I tried to shush them as I headed for the door as fast as I could drag them.

That was the last time we got  a flu shot. I just haven’t been up for the drama since then. And we’ve been very lucky, we haven’t been sick in a long time. But drama has found us.

It’s March Break around these parts and my family has been flu-ridden for two dreadful weeks. Me first, then all three kids and now the hubs. Yesterday Mr. Man Flu came down for breakfast and Carson started rubbing his daddy’s arms to help dispel the chills and Charlotte demanded that I turn up the heat! Really?

To be fair, I know my husband is genuinely sick. I know this bug is brutal — it’s two weeks of the kind of sick that makes you realize the flu can kill someone weaker than you — chills, fevers, headache, body ache, you name it. But he’s just SO good at looking pathetic. Lying there on the bed all day, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, asking me to take his temperature…

While I was sick, I took care of sick kids, got healthy ones to school and (I’ll admit it) felt very, very sorry for myself. My children didn’t even notice that I felt crummy. What I didn’t get is someone to take care of me. And judging from my facebook status, I’m not the only one.