It’s that time of the month

Happiness is a stack of imported magazines and a cup of coffee

NO, not THAT time of the month — it’s the day I allow myself to Chapters and read as many import magazines as I can in an hour. I end up there a lot because Chapters and Winners are my happy places. They’re where I go when I’m stressed out or feeling blue and can only squeeze in a few minutes of me time. For some reason, just being at one with the merchandise makes my mind calm down. And that’s a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, Chapters isn’t only for bad days. Today, for example was a very, very good day. I went to a Naot event in the morning and checked out their fabulous new Queen St. store, got some heart-breakingly cute and comfortable new shoes, and stuffed my face full of sushi with my friend Dai. On days like today, import mags just add to the bliss.

Magazines are my bliss. Especially British ones.

I tried to post a picture of my new shoes but my computer is being a dink right now. I love that word. DINK!!! Ha.

Anywho…I’ll try again later.



Here they are