Graduation — then and now

Carson and Mrs. Douthart at his kindergarten graduation last weekTo be honest, graduation time is usually something I ignore; but this June as I watch my friends’ kids finish highschool and my own little dude graduate from kindergarten I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Not like I want to go back to highschool — God please no! I’m just remembering how it felt to have everything ahead of me.

Jessica, me, Gunther, Cindy, Roxy, Liz, Shelly and Brenda on graduation day

This is me, 18 years ago, graduating from high school. It was a crazy day, I spent the entire morning combing the Scarborough Town Centre for something to wear and ended up with this little black dress from the Gap. I didn’t know it then, but I would later wear that dress so much it disintegrated.

Within a few months I would be off to journalism school in Ottawa, and out the ‘shwa — but only for a year because then I had to come back and work to pay for the rest of journalism school! That school wouldn’t magically pay for itself didn’t even cross my mind, nor did the idea that my life would be anything less than perfect. It was a time when my BFF and I watched way too many Nora Ephron (RIP Nora) movies and I was sure that I would somehow end up with my long-lost (unrequited) highschool love. When this picture was taken I still believed everything would always work out for me.

Was I happier then? Maybe more innocent, but no, I don’t think I was happier. I was so uptight. When I look at the pictures of this virginal, overly serious girl I want to tell her to loosen up! Go out and party her face off for a little while, sleep with everyone (or at least believe that there are people out there who will eventually want to sleep with her), and forget about being so damned responsible!

Will I tell my own kids these things? Probably not, in 12 years when Carson’s graduation rolls around I’ll probably hope he wants to go to Sheridan College and stay with me forever. I’ll pray that he doesn’t drink, swear or mess around.

But for me, knowing that my life would quickly get serious all by itself… I wish I’d appreciated those easy times more. Could somebody please tell this girl to lighten up!!!

Me, graduating from highschool