Help! I can’t make decisions

Home sweet home

Exciting times in the Reinke household these days. We’re renovating our 1980s home and fixing up the outside. When we bought the home it was because of the beautiful lot and neutral interior. The traditional Tudor exterior wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t like brown very much,  and brown is very much a part of Tudor design.

Today, it’s time to order windows and doors. I chose a door already, it’s going to be a wood slab, quite lovely if you ask me. The windows and soffit/fascia were supposed to be dark brown but yesterday the window guy brought a colour chip with him and I was totally underwhelmed. In some lights “commercial brown” looked fine, in others it looked green, sort of the colour of a not so pleasant bodily function if you know what I’m sayin’. Ya, I’m not feeling it.

So now, I have to choose something else. And quick! because “Zeljko window guy” (that’s what he calls himself and that’s what’s on his card, no last name, just Zeljko — kind of like Madonna) is on his way over.

My friend, the amazing designer Alison Hodd of Catherine Alison Interiors, has suggested white. I like white. But I also like cream, and coffee colour and, and, and…. So then, I set my heart on Ivory. But I was looking at Tudor homes on and they all had brown window. Very 1980s, non? But then, if I don’t do it, will it be like a glaring 2012 choice in 20 years? That’s my nightmare. To be stuck with olive-green appliances for the rest of my like, like all those poor women in the 1970s!

So then, I was back to thinking off-white and then I was all like, “What the hell? I can’t make decisions!!! Why do I have to make this decision?? I shouldn’t be expected to make decisions, I’m only 4!”

OK, so I’m really 36, but sometimes, I feel 4. Who on earth gave me a house and three children to take care of?

I’m the youngest of three girls and have basically spent my whole life doing what other people tell me to do. It’s much nicer this way, there’s way less responsiblity! Also, my sister Kilby is usually right, so why second-guess her, right? There was no reason to when I was four and there’s still no reason today. Too bad she has to work. I’m sure she’d know what to do. If she says a party should be in the morning, she’s right. And if Alison says I should go with white, I should…

See what birth order mixed with a teeny bit of anxiety disorder can do to a girl? I’m a wreck! This is exactly why I never wanted to be an editor-in-chief. Make decisions all day? NO thank you. I’m much better at just hanging out coming up with brilliant ideas and helping others with their own. This decision stuff is for the birds.

So I’m going to leave this one up to you.

What colour?