Want to procrastinate? My top 10 time wasters


Sometimes when I’m procrastinating I turn on the karaoke channel and sing!

When it comes to the art of procrastination, I am the master.

Today I’m supposed to be working on a story re-write, and I will and it’s going to kick ass — but first, I have to read the entire internet. Have to. It’s out there, just waiting for me, so I’d better read it. Right?

Sometimes I wonder how writers even procrastinated before they had an entire world of distraction at their fingertips? I guess I used to clean my room when I was in university. Hey, maybe if I didn’t have the internet by house would be cleaner!

After I cleaned, I would go to the store to buy chocolate… then I might go visit a friend. But those are all acts of actively looking for something else to do. Now, I can sit at my computer, look like I’m working, tell myself I’m researching future articles and really, I’m just doing everything except for what I’m supposed to be doing. And the best part? My kids have NO idea. They really think I’m working! Shhh! Don’t disturb mommy, she’s working!

Just in case you are supposed to be working today, I thought I’d give you links to a few of my favourite time wasting (oops, I mean RESEARCH) sites:

1. The Guardian  This British newspaper is home to my favourite living section of a newspaper, ever. To be honest with you, I rarely read the rest of the paper. It reminds me too much of journalism school, when we had current events quizzes and if you spelled a newsy person’s name wrong, it counted as wrong. BOO! But anyhoo, my favourite time waster is to watch Jess Cartner-Morely’s “how to dress” videos. This week she talks about mullet hems. I LOVE her!


2. Twitter  I used to have to phone around to find friends to procrastinate with me. Now, I just look at Twitter and they’re all there. I figure if they’re not tweeting, it’s the same as a busy signal. You should be following me, are you following me? My handle is @dana_reinke. I’m quite hilarious and very clever.


3. Lainey Gossip Ah Lainey.  She’s so smart. I want to be her when I grow up. I have read a lot of gossip in my day and she’s the only reporter I’ve read who manages to analyze it well, cover everything and every once in a while throw out a feminist diatribe. Jezebel comes close, but sometimes it’s just too diatribey for words. Is that a word? Who cares, really I should be working, I don’t have time to go find my dictionary.

4. Houzz.com  I love this website. It has pictures of EVERYTHING you could ever want to do to your home. Type in built-in home office and there are hundreds of gorgeous ideas that come up. I want all of them, but particularly one where the bookshelves that frame the window and the built-in desk. I would love to write my novel here. But I don’t have time to write a novel, I’m too busy surfing the interwebs. For my creative little mind, this is heaven.

5. Allinadana What ode to time wastage would be complete without mention of myself. ME, the queen of procrastination herself. Dana Dougherty Reinke. All of my best ideas come when I’m supposed to be writing something else. You know something that would pay. Blah…When I’ve run out of things to google, I go to my own blog, I write a bit and then I read all the clever things I have written. Sometimes I’m pretty brilliant, non?

6. The blogess  Guess what, there’s another blogger out there who’s just as f*cked up as me. I love her. She’s hilarious and when I grow up I think I want to be her too. Minus the sever social anxiety. MAYBE I’ll be Lainey and the blogess combined! Because, I’ve got my own shit to deal with, you know what I’m saying? But she’s a blogger/mom and people love her! I’m a blogger/mom too. Maybe I could also be highly loved one day!

7. Target You know it’s coming to Canada, right? You can buy anything there! Just try it, search anything and I bet they have at least 5 different ones for you to choose from that are cheap and gorgeous. Try to find the same selection and prices in Canada, now. You won’t!

8. My American stores Ann Taylor, Loft and White House Black Market These are the stores I flock to as soon as I cross the border. I love them. Apparently Ann Taylor and Loft are both coming to Yorkdale in the Fall but frankly, to get me to Yorkdale is just about as hard as getting me to Buffalo. SO much traffic. SO many lanes to cross… What’s the matter with Sherway Gardens Ann Taylor? What do you have against the west end?

9. Facebook Where else can you look at your highschool crushes and consider how much hotter you are than them. Seriously, women age better than men.

10. MLS I love stalking real estate. As soon as a house in my hood goes on sale, I’m there. I know the asking price, the comparable, and what upgrades if any, they’ve sunk their cash into. Is it worth it? Is my house better? What would my house sell for now? These are the questions that occupy my mind when I’m supposed to be transcribing interviews. :o)

Isn’t that what you do?

OK, seriously, I have to work now. BUT if you’re looking for a fabulous gift, check out my friend Alison’s blog: Gifted. Ooh, and don’t forget to browse the gorgeous crafts and art on etsy! OK, I’ll stop now. For reals.