Summertime and the living is lonely

Looking out at the Quebec side from the Dougherty family cottage. This is where I go in my head when I need peace, it’s my happy place.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now, listening to Ella Fitzgerald tell me that ‘swonderfl. She’s wonderful, no doubt about that. But I’m wishing I weren’t so alone right now. I want to party, or at least hang out with someone other than my MacBook Air.

Summer is my favourite because it’s hot and gorgeous outside. I go to the cottage often and I hang out with my family.

BUT summer means the end of my weekly Coffee Friday ritual, where the neighborhood moms get together to hash out the details of our lives. It also means that any time I want to go out with a friend, they’re probably on vacation  — and my kids are around anyway, so it’s not like going out is really a possibility!

I think this is a depression thing, isn’t it? Loneliness, isolation. But I can feel that way in a crowd sometimes.

I’ve been working a lot lately. Locked up in my office, gazing out the window at our super-hot roofers. But the roof is done now…am contemplating recommending them to all our neighbors so I can gaze at them some more. It’s not like you can buy more than one roof, right? Wait… Can I?

Seriously, though, I’m such an introvert it’s not even funny. But I need people just the same. I need my friends, I need grown ups to socialize with — preferably ones I don’t have to pay to hang out with. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Mr. Roofer.)

To make matters worse, I’m reading Twitter about all my friends heading to BlogHer’12 and feeling tres jealous. I am so happy for everyone who’s going, but I want to go too! These are the days when working for a big company that might cover my conference fee, airfare and hotel would totally be worth the draining commute! Maybe one day my blog will be huge and sucessful enough for me to go to Blogher too. Tell your friends, tell your enemies. YOU must read Dana because she wants to go to BlogHer and she’s really nice. OK?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait for September.

We’re heading up to the cottage again soon, I love it there and I’m sure I’ll feel better once I’m there. I’ll sleep in until 8 or 9am and plop a chair in the water so I can cool my feet off while I roast in the sun, watching my kids play in the water. Bliss.

Until then, I have a couple of stories to write, but if you want to hang out, I’m in!

How do you cope with the loneliness of the day-to-day?