PMS with a bowl of icing on the side

My friend Chantal at Piece of Cake makes THE best cake. EVER.

If you know me at all, you probably know that my favourite food in the whole wide world is cake. Cake is my favourite and my best and I would eat it every day for breakfast if I didn’t know firsthand that doing so would have a very bad effect on my waistline.

Most of the time I can stop myself. Most of the time I can stop harassing my friend Chantal for one of her delicious cakes. I can drive past Cupid’s Cupcakes without screeching to a halt to dive inside and devour three minis (2 prince and 1 princess, in case you’re wondering.) Yay me, I say. What willpower, right? To face the most delicious cupcakes every day and NOT eat them? Truly amazing.

The only problem is that once every 28 days or so, I eat everything. And by everything, I mean anything chocolate, vanilla or cakey that’s not tied down. I know what you’re thinking, just don’t keep it in the house. That’s a great idea, smarty pants. But my hormones are smarter than you and they like to bake. That’s where the bowl of icing comes in.

Another of Chantal’s creations

I mentioned before that my favourite food is cake. I guess I should clarify that; I like cake because it’s a means to an end — where there is cake there is almost always icing and where there is icing, there is me. Happy! Most of the month I am able to follow accepted social mores — I consume cake because it means I get icing. But when my hormones come calling, a bowl of icing takes three minutes to whip up and a cake takes much longer! Social mores be damned, I need sugary goodnes — stat.

So, last night (and this morning, ahem) I ate chocolate icing. Minus the cake. And it was good. I was only mildly embarrassed when my husband looked at me accusingly and said “Are you eating a bowl of icing? That’s gross.”

Apparently icing is also a natural form of birth control.

This cyclical food craving is my body’s way of serving up a big bunch of carbs for my  poor, poor, serotonin deprived brain. When my mood crashes once a month, my body calls on icing to help boost that serotonin and dig me out of my moody abyss.

Chantal made these adorable cupcakes for Charlotte’s 7th birthday. They were DELISH.

It’s a good thing my body also seems to have a stop valve. Two days from now, I won’t want to eat anything. And that’s the only reason I don’t have to roll my way around the house.

So for now, I’m just going to let this icing do it’s job. OK?
Stop judging me!!!

How about you? do you have any hormonal food cravings? What’s your poison?