Blast from the past

I was at Betty’s, in Toronto, this weekend. It’s a sentimental place to me because I once gave a guy an ultimatum there while my ever-supportive BFF looked on in horror. (Cue Barbara Streisand singing The Way we Were)
OK, to be fair, I guess it wasn’t an ultimatum for him — since he clearly wasn’t interested — but it was for me and even though it sucked for one whole night, it was a smart move on the whole. And Jessica was there the whole time, saying just the right things when I needed her to, as always — the Jennifer Aniston to my Jeanne Tripplehorn.

I was surfing YouTube today and came across this clip. One summer, while we were still in university, we shared a basement apartment and we must have watched this movie 100 times. Not that it’s a particularly good movie, we were just rom-com addicts. And as a budding journalist I was forever hopeful that my architect was out there somewhere! Gawd, I was such a nerd.
Anywho, I’ve been feeling sentimental for my highschool BFF ever since my recent Betty’s visit. Our lives have gone different directions since that night long ago but through it all, she’s always willing to reminisce when I need to. Still my rock, still my friend.
I think it might be time for our annual meet up at the Oshawa Centre!