Finding Florida: I choose happiness

This is my Florida — that peaceful, happy feeling I strive for.
Photo courtesy of Visit Florida

I’ve been seeing a career coach lately. He’s helping me figure out my path and how to get there. His name is Jeffery Eisen and he’s amazing. In just two sessions (so far, I have four more) he’s helped me clear away the clutter in my brain and helped me really focus on what it is I want to do. Here’s what it is. You’re reading it!!!

That’s right, this blog is the beginning of my destiny. I want to help people who are caught up in the clinging vines of depression set themselves free. There are a lot of us out there, lost and looking for happiness but being to caught up in our own guilt and sadness to find it — I mean, it’s pretty tough to “find happiness” when you can’t even get out from under your duvet in the morning. I want them to know that it’s OK, because they’re not alone. After many years of struggling to manage my depression I’ve figured out that I’m not the only who’s ever been so low that taking a shower and washing my hair felt like an insurmountable task. But not everyone knows that.

Happiness is dancing on warm sand

Even though I’m mostly better now, the cobwebs of my depression linger on, and as Eisen pointed out in yesterday’s session, it’s up to me to choose to think positively and squash the thoughts that spiral me down on my bad days. When I’m gloomy and I let those nasty feelings of inferiority and sadness flourish, it’s like the black cloud of Voldemort and the Death Eaters (from Harry Potter) is looming behind me, ready to smother me with “the kiss”. When I feel good, it’s like I’m in Florida —  relaxed (because hey, if I’m in Florida, I’m on vacation!) the sun kissing my skin and heart (for a Seasonally Affected chic like me, sunshine is a big deal) and the ocean waves tickling my feet.  So what’s it gonna be?

Florida Dammit.

I choose Florida. To hell with Voldemort.

On that note, here are four uplifting songs about sunshine that are all making me feel great on this grey and gloomy day.

Steal my Sunshine — Len

Love the line: I was lying on the grass on sunday morning of last week, Indulging in my self defeats”. (Because what depressed chic hasn’t indulged in her self defeats?)

Here Comes the Sun — The Beatles

Love the line: Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces, Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here, Here comes the sun (Seriously, it’s like they know me in the springtime!)

You are my Sunshine — Johnny Cash and June Carter (although, in my head, my dad and mom sing it better)

Love the line: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, You make me happy when skies are grey  (because sometimes I’m too tired to get out of a funk all by myself, I need help from my friends)
Pocket Full of Sunshine — Natasha Bedingfield

Love the line: Take me away, a secret place A sweet escape, take me away Take me away to better days Take me away, a hiding place — because that’s what my Florida is; that lovely feeling filed away deep inside my mind, and only I know how to get there. It’s just that sometimes, I forget!

Want to learn more about Jeffrey? Check out his book.