Pre-party panic attacks and other birthday fun

Me and the hubs at last year’s Halloween Spooktacular

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m 29 and holding, I have been for eight years now. Having a birthday on Halloween is 9 parts AWESOME and one part sucky. AWESOME because, hello? how can you not be happy on Halloween!? Sucky because it’s never really about me, since I have three youngin’s who insist on going out and dressing up — no lingering candle-lit dinners in my immediate future!

To make up for the one part sucky, I’ve decided that one day is simply not good enough, I’m a fan of the week of birthday. Why limit the birthday fun when I can stretch it out?

This year I started my birthday week with a delightful family dinner prepared by my gorgeous husband. Since then, I’ve had a pho date with said husband and a pre-trick-or-treat sushi fiesta. YUM! The birthday festivities will wrap up on Sunday after my annual birthday bash on Saturday night.

I LOVE my birthday and the only thing I love more than my birthday is planning parties. I love planning them, decorating for them, and most of all — partying at them! Unfortunately for me, all party planning comes with a fair amount of uncertainty and where there’s uncertainty, there’s me, cowering in a corner, racked with anxiety about whether anyone will come!

Please God. Let somebody come.

Don’t make the hubs and me sing karaoke and drink a whole keg of beer solo!

Last year’s party was a blast and the logical side of me knows this one will be too! BUT the anxious mess who resides deep inside me says OMG! Another “no”? Those RSVPs I’m getting had better stop being nos and start being yeses!

Last year’s best dressed couple — priest and Catholic school girl

Last year about a thousand people had to bow out because of a Selena Gomez concert — apparently my promises to sing  wasn’t enough to entice the tweens to give their parents the night off. This year it’s rep hockey and family obligation feeding my PPP (pre-party panic).

But what can you do? Short of calling everyone on my guest list and offering to pay for their babysitter, there’s really nothing to do! It’s time to hurry up and wait while the little devil on my right shoulder fights the angel on my left.

Angel: But it’s his favourite band!

Devil: Lame excuse!

Angel: And they’re only in Toronto for one night only!

Devil: Oh sure, they say it’s their reunion tour but do they really mean it? It’s always the reunion tour!

Angel: I really wish you’d be more understanding about these things, you’re always so quick to fly off the handle!

Devil: It’s the freakin’ week of birthday people!

Angel: I think it’s time to find your Florida Dana. Find your Florida!