winterwear obsessed

I’ve been visiting family in our nations capital for the past few days and OHMYGOD it is cold. Like stupid cold. My crazy husband and kids have been tobogganing every day but I’ve been neglecting family fun and have chosen to stay holed up in the nice warm shops for the most part. The good news is Peyton loathes the great outdoors, so we’ve been spending loads of quality time together!

But yesterday, rather than indulge in still more retail therapy we all hit the public pool for a little family time. I kind of hate everything about public pools my kids enjoy them, so I go. After we swam we were hanging around the snack bar and what to my shopaholic eyes should appear but the perfect winter ensemble that I must have! She looked warm and yet stylish. That is a very trickly line to walk. I know… I stumble on it every time the weather drops below 0. I hate hate hate the cold but I’m pretty sure if I had those rockin’ clothes it would be fine. It would be like sitting on a beach in Florida — only with a few more layers.\

Time froze the world stilled and I inventoried the womans ensemble. Here’s what we’re looking for friends, your mission, should you choose to accept it is to help me find this without needing to sell my house to cover the cost.

Canada Goose Parka $695 at sporting life23481351_BLACK_3








Ugg Fabrice boots $299 sale, reg $355 Browns Shoes










I can’t stop looking at them or adoring them online. I can’t exactly afford them either. Any hot tips on how to get these for free, lower prices? Etc.