I’m not messed up, it’s just the moon

Stessed? Feeling a little on edge. So's everyone else.

Stessed? Feeling a little on edge. So’s everyone else.

That’s right, your kid’s heads may be spinning while they projectile vomit pea soup at you but DON’T WORRY! It’s just the lunar eclipse that’s screwing with your head and theirs. I had coffee with a couple of friends this morning and we were all lamenting how we’d felt very anxious and on edge this week. I’d been thinking it was PMS, or maybe the full moon, but now that I’ve seen this facebook post by Dr. Kelly Neff a psychologist and sex expert (man she must be an intimidating woman to date!) I am starting to think that it’s not just me. Perhaps no amount of Cold Stone Creamery’s Birthday Cake Remix could fix the crazy that’s going on in my head right now. Although it would be a shame not to try, wouldn’t it.

So what do I want? What’s working and what’s not? I want the lunar eclipse to happen already because my anxious little basket cases are making me CRAYZZEE.