Happy Halloween!

I am the crazy lady on your street who has a little cemetery in the front yard, who dresses up to give out candy and who’s ass is considerably large on November 1 than it was on October 30. Yes, it’s true. I am the Wal-Mart Lives for Halloween mom.

When I was a kid we lived in a little village with a population of 1,800 people. There were about 20 houses on my street but everything else around my neighborhood was farmland. So, every year after we finished begging for candy on our own street, my best friend Bonnie and I would shove our costumed selves into my dad’s hideous green Malibu and make a pilgrimage out to the farm houses. What waited there was… magic.

You see, since no one ever went out to those houses we were rewarded in a big way for being willing to brave the journey. I’m talking pop, I’m talking full-sized chocolate bars and of course chips too. Plus, our dads always seemed to snag a beer out of the deal. No matter how old I get, and tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my 38th Halloween birthday, I’ve never forgotten that greedy glee that comes with getting a truly amazing Halloween haul.

The hubs is such a good sport, even though he's not a huge Halloween fan,

The hubs is such a good sport, even though he’s not a huge Halloween fan,

My mission (and I’ve chosen to accept it) is to make a little Halloween magic for our neighbourhood kids. This year I’m handing out full-sized chocolate bars, ring pops and a can of pop. It’s expensive, but its starting to pay off. Rumour has it that several kids are planning to start their trick-or-treating at my house. Yes!!! My work here is done.

(But only for 90 lucky kids. After that it’s mini-chocolate bars just like everyone else)