About Dana

I am a freelance writer and expensive-lance wife and mother who lives and works in Oakville, Ont.

I was first diagnosed with depression at the age of 22, and since then I’ve ridden a roller-coaster ride of emotions which I’ve alternately kept pent up and aired too publicly.

This blog is my attempt to cope with the days that (inevitably) fall short of the fairy-tale I imagined for myself when I was 17. AllinaDana is the creative release of a sometimes stable, pop-culture loving, minivan-driving, 2.5 (okay, let’s just round that number up to an even three) kids, 2012 suburban wife kinda gal who doesn’t always get to write the stuff she likes — because that other stuff pays better!

I am the demographic ads are written for, the woman politicians want to “speak” to and the bookworm Nora Roberts writes for. And I’m usually pretty okay with that.

OK, so there are days when I long to be the loft-dwelling urban hipster  the teenage me imagined. But I’m trying to make my peace with 17-year-old Dana by a) visiting my hipster friends as much as possible, b) wearing large tortise-shell glasses whenever I want to look smarter c) reading British import magazines such as Glamour, Red and MarieClaire so I’m always aware of the trends even when I’m too lazy to actually wear them and of course, d) taking my MacBook to Starbucks to meet deadlines  — because even though I don’t really like the coffee, the ambiance is way better ther than it is at Tim Hortons. And let’s face it, I just feel cooler there.